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WFC Rangers is dedicated to helping our players on their path to pursuing high education and future playing experiences.  We host yearly seminars and workshops to our high school age players who are interesting in attending college and would like to explore the opportunity to continue to playing soccer after their youth careers.


Jamie Arthurs
WWU Assistant Women’s Coach
Rangers Girls DOC
Girls College Advisor 

Josh Braun
Rangers Boys DOC
Boys College Advisor

Travis Connell
WWU Head Women’s Coach
WFC Rangers Technical Advisor 




Key Elements
Professional, easy to follow, and provide an appropriate picture.  First impressions are important!

Contact all of the coaches.  A lot of recruiting duties are spilt among coaching staffs, be sure to email the head coach and the assistants.

Vital information to get you into a school.  Graduation Year, GPA, & SAT scores.  Coaches need to know when you graduate and if you can get into their institution.

Provide all of the information needed to watch you play.  Name, club, event names, jersey number, game times, field locations.

Prove you have done your research!  Personalize your email to show you know something about their program and school.

Provide updated contact information.  Coaches often contact your club coaches and college advisors before they are allowed to contact you directly.  Be sure to provide them with your coaches and college advisors emails and phone numbers.  

Other accolades that could impact a schools interest in you.  Academic awards, honors society, track times, & other sport awards.


How To Aquire Film
Our club has a number of Veo cameras that we use to film games.  Ask your coach about filming a game, they can schedule a Veo and send you downloadable game film. 
If you are attending a game that an opponent is using a camera, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for a copy.  Coaches are constantly sharing film.  
Most showcase events and some tournaments offer pay for game film options, check out your events website and see if this is a good option for you.
Key Elements of Your Video

Film is a good way to entice a college coach to come watch you play in person

3-6 minutes in length

Include highlight clips that show proficiency in multiple areas.  Make sure the clip is long enough for the coach to see your movement to get open to receive the ball as well as what you do with the ball.  You can use practice film but try to include game film as well.

Clearly identify yourself in each clip with an arrow or circle.  It is a good idea to identify the opposing team, especially if it is a high level game, you can do this with a subtitle.

Include an intro page at the beginning the includes your photo, grad year, GPA, team name, jersey number, and soccer position.

Useful Free Software
There are free video editing software that can help you clip and share your videos without needing professional help or any previous editing experience.  Youtube is a great place to host your final product and will make it easy to share.

Mac OS
iMovie – best editing software to cut and build your film, add title screens, and add music.
QuickTime – cut/trim video clips from game film.

PC – Windows
Windows Video Editor
 software to cut and build your film, add title screens, and add music.
QuickTime – cut/trim video clips from game film.

Premium Beat – filter for free music that is not copyrighted so you can post to YouTube.

Youtube is a great place to host your final video so you can send watchable links to coaches.  It is also a valuable resource to look up editing tutorials and watch recruiting videos for inspiration, as you build your first video.

Sample Videos:

2019 College Commitments

Whatcom CC

Sara Afshari

Whatcom CC
Western Washington

Jillian Langei

Western Washington
Whatcom CC

Sophia Pagnotta

Whatcom CC
Whatcom CC

Dakota Carson

Whatcom CC
Western Washington

Mali Mack

Western Washington
Skagit Valley

Miranda Rodriguez

Skagit Valley
Whitworth University

Ireland Eaton

Whitworth University
Bryn Mawr

Anna Miller

Bryn Mawr
Whatcom CC

Alexa Sirmans

Whatcom CC
Co. School of Mines

Gracey Henoch

Co. School of Mines
Academy of Art

Hannah Moore

Academy of Art
Western Washington

Libby Hielkema

Western Washington
Whatcom CC

Jayden Nguyen

Whatcom CC
San Fransisco State

Mason Kealy

San Fransisco State
Fort Lewis

Mia Niel

Fort Lewis

2018 College Commitments

2017 College Commitments

2016 College Commitments

Paige Devine – Central Washington

Dany Fazio – Western Washington

Alex McBeath – Skagit Valley

Rachel Neher – Whatcom CC

Natalie Shikany – Whatcom CC

Jalissa Sommers – Whatcom CC

Thomas Watson – Whatcom CC

Jazzy Ahrens – Whatcom CC

Fiona Dawson – University of Idaho

Peyton Fowler – Whatcom CC

Christina Funk – Central Washington

Payton Fullner – Central Washington

Alice Hiebert – Western Washington 

Morgan Jones – Skagit CC

Madison Knutsen – Belmont Abbey

Ava McIlvaine – Scripps

Kate Neher – Whatcom CC

Mason Rathkamp – Western Washington


Kylie Clark – Whatcom CC

Sara Hulbert – Pacific Lutheran

Jillian Monson – Pacific Lutheran

2015 College Commitments

Carly Bannerman – Saint Martins

Hattie North – WWU (Saint Martin’s)

Alexa Smiley – Hawaii Hilo

Julia Devere – Seattle Pacific