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Whatcom FC Rangers Philosophy

As one of the longest standing clubs in Washington State we have a long legacy of providing an unforgettable youth soccer experience.  Four decades later we are still here to serve our vibrant community.  Our “Driven by Purpose, Empowered with Passion, Destined for Greatness” motto makes WFC Rangers the premier destination for players.

Driven By Purpose

We partner with our community to promote teamwork, collaborative effort, and challenge-seeking while developing each athlete’s unique possibility.


We engage athletes and their families in a team experience that fosters a life-long love of sport in an ambitious, positive environment rooted in inclusivity, integrity and lasting memories.

Destined for Greatness

We promote player growth through competitive challenge to build confidence, ability, and strong character on and off the field; providing them opportunities to be the best version of themselves.

Experience Rich


Rangers is all in when it comes to providing a positive, fun, and engaging experience for our families.  From our club culture, to coaching styles, to event selection, to off field activities we want our Ranger experience to change lives and create lasting memories. 

Things to look forward to:

    • Life Long Friendships
    • Ranger Day – Club Wide Extravaganza!
    • Summer Tournaments & Travel
    • WWU Game Nights
    • Ranger Night Celebration

Meant for More

We are passionate about using soccer as a platform to help our players grow.  We dare each other to be great soccer players, teammates, friends, and leaders. We strive to equip and empower players to be the best version of themselves.

    • Character Building & Fortitude
    • Leadership Training
    • College Search & Preparation
    • Community Service
    • Supportive of Extracurricular Activities and Multi-Sport Athletes

Experienced Coaches


With a wealth of coaching and playing experience, our coaches have the knowledge and tools required to bring the best out of our players.  Our staff consists of an Executive Director, three Directors of Coaching, and approximately 25 staff coaches.  Meet Our Staff

    • Nationally Licensed
    • Current College Coaches 
    • EDP & ODP Coaching Experience
    • Regional Coaching Experience
    • Played Collegiately & Professionally


We are proud to remain one of the most cost effective and affordable clubs in our state. We use a single membership fee system to insure financial transparency to all of our families.  Two years in a row we have provided scholarships to every family that qualified.  Learn More


Top Notch Facilities


We are proud to have one of the best club soccer training situations in Washington State. Thanks to our community partnerships we have access to more than ten turf fields across Whatcom County.

    • Local Facilities
    • Adequate training field space for each team
    • Flexible training times
    • Access to turf & grass surfaces
    • Limited travel 
    • Access to indoor soccer & futsal facilities in winter
    • Coming Soon:  A new clubhouse at Phillips 66 Soccer Park!!